My Hollywood Connection

The  well-loved character actress Mary Gordon – a veteran of over 200 Hollywood movies from the “Golden Age” – was a relative of mine (my great-grandmother’s cousin, since you ask). Here’s a link to a clip from the 2009 Glasgow Film Festival when we celebrated her life and career with a discussion and a selection of clips ..

I’ll write more about Mary anon – there’s so much to say, about her turbulent personal life in Glasgow, her escape to America and the hardship she endured before she inadvertently ended up as one of Hollywood’s most fondly remembered character actresses, and a familiar face to several generations of film fans… I’m still investigating her life in California and trying to track down her grandson, Douglas Dutton, so if anyone has any information, please contact me at



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3 responses to “My Hollywood Connection

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  2. Vienna

    What a great Hollywood connection. Always liked Mary. Have just seen a little B film from 1947 called Roses Are Red. Mary has a small part at the end of the film.

  3. alisonkerr

    Gosh, I don’t even recognise the title of that one – despite being a Mary expert! Thanks for your comment.

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