All About Alison

Alison Kerr is an award-winning journalist based in Glasgow, Scotland.  She regularly contributes major profiles and articles on film, jazz, style and beauty (and anything else that tickles her fancy) to various Scottish newspapers, among them The Herald, The Scotsman, the Daily Record and Scotland On Sunday.

Other publications Alison has written for include The Guardian, The Independent, the Daily Mail, the Daily Express, In Style and Good Housekeeping as well as specialist magazines Jazz Journal International and Jazz Review. For 10 years, she was a regular guest on BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship jazz show, Bebop to Hiphop.

Alison is currently researching a book project and looking for outlets other than cash-strapped newspapers for commissions..

When she’s not writing, she usually has to keep a padlock on her laptop and a very close eye on her computer-crazy six-year-old twins.


Emma Thompson: “What gorgeous articles!”

Michael Winner: “Thank you so much for sending me the article. I thought it was excellent.”

John Byrne: “Great piece! Enjoyed it hugely. My warmest thanks.”

To contact Alison, please email her at


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